DIY vs. Professional Hair Color from Salons: Which One is Better?

Whether you want a subtle change in color or a complete hair color transformation, there are many colors on the market to choose from. You’ll find a wide variety of hair colors in different shades at your local drugstore. They include easy-to-understand directions to help you apply your color appropriately. With prices as low and $10 a box, it seems to be the perfect solution to get the hair color of your dreams.

However, for most people, the results are usually slightly different than what was expected. If you want to change from natural dark hair to a much lighter color, it may be even harder to get the exact color you’re looking for. Also, if you already have dye in your hair, it’s hard to lift a permanent dye to a lighter shade. If you apply the wrong developer levels or even put bleach over processed hair, you can possibly cause significant damage to your hair.