Hair Salons Share Some Festive Hairstyles to Don This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is the perfect time to glam up. With lots of dinners and parties to get to, you certainly need to look and feel your best. If you’re feeling extra festive this holiday season, you may want to consider these hairstyles from hair salons.

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Three Factors Hair Salons Apply to Choose the Hairstyle Best for You

Your hair isn’t called a crowning glory for nothing. A coiffed pate greatly affects your overall appearance and can boost your self-confidence. However, it can only do so if it is styled appropriately. There are haircuts that look good on other people, but not on yourself. This is because the best-fitting hairstyles account for your face shape, personality, and lifestyle.

These factors will guide you in choosing the right haircut at salons in Northampton, MA.

Face Shape

The shape of your face greatly influences the effect of your hairstyle. For instance, long hair may not go well with a long or oblong face because it exacerbates the length of your visage. It’s better to opt for short haircuts in this instance. Medium haircuts, on the other hand, usually suit most face shapes and even most figures or body builds. So, if you want to be on the safe side, opt for a medium cut. Read more on this article:

Rocking Your New ‘Do and Getting Expert Haircare from Hair Salons

Tired with your current hairstyle? Do you want to take a step further to level up your hairdo? If you’re after a whole new look that will turn heads, then schedule a visit with your trusted hair salon today.

Getting Mod with Ladies’ Hair Trends

More often than not, women select hairstyles based on what they see on their favorite models and actresses. While those cuts may look chic and trendy on the Hollywood elite, they may not necessarily work for everyone. This is why if you’re feeling bold and are considering something totally out of your comfort zone, then make sure to consult with your stylist to find the perfect cut that highlights your features.

Hair Salons Share Three Simple Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Hair

Since hair such a high visibility part of a person’s appearance it’s no wonder that so many of us spend a great deal of time and energy maintaining it. In order for hair to be a crowning glory in our overall good looks, it’s necessary to maintain it regularly and ensure that it is always in good health and condition. A great appearance and the self-confidence that comes along with it, is the reward that we get when we are sporting beautiful, well styled and healthy hair wherever we go and whatever we do with our busy lives!

To help you out, here are some maintenance tips you can do by yourself and with the help of hair salons in Northampton, MA.

Get the Latest and the Best Hairstyles for the Summer from Hair Salons

Everyone’s looking forward to the summer, but not everyone is a fan of the sticky feeling that the warm weather brings. To greet the new season and to remain comfortable during the summer months, it’s time to give yourself a new haircut.

Having trouble picking out a particular hairstyle that you can wear this season? Take inspiration from these celebrities and sport their summer-ready looks by going to hair salons.

The Ever-Stylish Bobs

Rihanna is just among the many celebrities sporting the ever-stylish bob, and you can expect more women to do the same this summer. Cutting your hair into a bob helps in providing relief to your neck. Furthermore, such a strong shape can easily fall back in place, giving you little reason to worry about unruly hair.

Get Made Up in a Northampton Hair Salon for Special Occasions

Make-up tutorials on social media are all the rage nowadays. While it’s good to know that you can do your own make-up for every day wear, there are some occasions that you should leave it in the hands of an expert.

Here are some of these special events wherein you should probably just make an appointment with a Northampton hair salon rather than going rogue DIY.


This is pretty self-explanatory, actually. It’s your wedding, and as much as you would want to keep control and micro-manage every little detail for your big day, it’s not going to be advisable for you. There will be a lot of other things you should be concerning yourself with—such as writing your most heartfelt vows—and it would do you good to stay relaxed instead.

Ultimate Hair Care Involves Hair Salon Visits, Shampooing, and More

Your hair is literally your crowning beauty. As much as your entire face, your hair can be your ultimate asset and expression for creativity. It can affect the way your face looks while it can also happily show off your personal style. This is why taking care of your hair well is very important.

Taking care of your hair can be easy, regardless of your hair type. Here are some great tips to help make sure you get a fabulous hair day everyday.

Wash it Daily

It’s not exactly a secret. Washing your hair regularly helps ensure that it stays smooth, shiny and healthy. What you might not know, however, is that there is actually a proper way to wash your hair so that you get the best results.