Hair Salons Share Some Festive Hairstyles to Don This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is the perfect time to glam up. With lots of dinners and parties to get to, you certainly need to look and feel your best. If you’re feeling extra festive this holiday season, you may want to consider these hairstyles from hair salons.

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Hair Salons Share Three Simple Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Hair

Since hair such a high visibility part of a person’s appearance it’s no wonder that so many of us spend a great deal of time and energy maintaining it. In order for hair to be a crowning glory in our overall good looks, it’s necessary to maintain it regularly and ensure that it is always in good health and condition. A great appearance and the self-confidence that comes along with it, is the reward that we get when we are sporting beautiful, well styled and healthy hair wherever we go and whatever we do with our busy lives!

To help you out, here are some maintenance tips you can do by yourself and with the help of hair salons in Northampton, MA.

Hair Salons Share Hairstyle Inspirations from Celebrities This Fall

The past few weeks saw Hollywood celebrities sporting new hairdos in time for the fall season. From Olivia Palermo to Lily Collins, new celebrity hairstyles are definitely something to glean inspiration from for your next salon appointment. Here are the dominating hairstyle trends seen among stars, which you can recreate with the help of savvy hair salons.

Effortless Waves

Say goodbye to overly-done waves—today’s loose and barely-there waves are the modern way of giving your hair the illusion of movement. Think of morning-after hair, one that’s slightly off-center and delicately unkempt, then topped with tousled waves and you’ll get the picture. This look perfectly complements layered clothes and fall textures.